About Us

Child Care in Hunt Valley, Md

Ashland Preschool Center is a community service and educational outreach of Ashland Presbyterian Church.  Each child is a unique creation of a loving God, filled with the potential for amazing growth in spirit, mind, and body.  The fullest potential of each child will be realized in the environment found at Ashland.

The family is the first and most significant aspect of each child’s development. The Preschool experience is intended to be a resource for and an extension of this primary relationship.

Ashland Preschool Center welcomes all children without regard to race, sex, creed, or ethnic origin.

Certification / Licensing

Ashland Preschool Center is licensed by the Office of Child Care. The school is staffed by personnel who are degreed and are credentialed by the MD State Department of Education (MSDE). During its sixty years of operation, Ashland Preschool Center has offered a rich, age-appropriate curriculum. The Creative Curriculum recommended by MSDE, has been added to the existing program to further ensure that all the children are well-prepared for their entry into kindergarten.

116 Ashland Road  |  Hunt Valley, MD 21030  |  410-527-1845

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